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August 1, 2012

Steve's newest client is Remedy Hypnotherapy. If you know anyone who wants to kick a habit, overcome a fear, or increase their natural ability to recall memories, names, etc... Please contact me and I'll put you in touch with Remedy.

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If you are competing against very large corporations, especially businesses that have headquarters out of state, you would be wise to add the phrase, "locally owned and operated" throughout your marketing materials.

Many people resent the amount of out sourcing that large businesses are doing right now. They also are increasingly mistrustful of big companies. They view local businesses as "their own". It might make the difference in getting the sale!


Steve Hartman



I specialize in working with small to mid-size businesses to create strategic marketing plans, sales strategies, marketing materials, etc... I help with recruitment and training of a sales force... I help with the creation and implementation of sales reports and tracking systems...

I enjoy the challenge of working with companies that have limited budgets and a lack of sophistication in sales and marketing.

Some of my marketing and promotional ideas have won awards, however, the main prize is increasing the sales of my customers.

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Mission Statement

Mission Statement

My goal is to help small companies (and startups) compete against much larger corporations for marketshare (and survival).

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“Steve helped me train the managers of several of my offices. He created innovative and original marketing and ..."
Steve Brockman

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“I hired Steve to be a marketing stimulus for my clients.  I sent him to dozens of my clients who were all business owners ..."
Wayne Johnston

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“I gave Steve impossible challenges and he excelled in each one.  For example, one holiday season I wanted to ..."
Vicky Morrison
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I can make your customers jealous.

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